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IVA in the UK? If you are based in the UK and looking to find out more about an IVA then we can help you get up to the minute best advice on all of your IVA options.

Some 50,000 people across the UK took advantage of an IVA last year to remove major debt problems. IVAs have been helping people to retake control of their financial lives since 1986. It is sometimes not realised that it was actually a piece of government legislation which introduced the IVA into UK law. How good it must feel when those who are able to get all of their debt repayments consolidated into one affordable monthly payment and then become completely debt free in a fixed 5 year period.

We are the specialists for IVAs in the UK and have helped many 1000`s of people get their debts resolved in this way. We are constantly being asked a wide range of questions from "what is an IVA?" all the way through to "which debts can I put into an IVA?" and "what is the Scottish version of an IVA?" We answer every question in clear and precise terms backed up in writing every time BEFORE you commit to anything.

Our experts will handle everything for you in house. We have on site insolvency practitioners who will deal with your whole case from initial conversation; to negotiating with your creditors; to getting up to 75% of your debt written off.

No matter where you are based in the UK a single simple phone call to one of our specialists could save you a lot of time and trouble. Call today on 0800 043 50 43.

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