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Case Study

Ms Joanne S. (A tenant)
Joanne is a nurse who has worked within the National Health Service for 15 years. She rang us in panic regarding the phone calls and arrears letters she was starting to get from her credit card companies. Joanne had recently split up from her partner and the loss of the additional income meant that she was now struggling to make ends meet. Read More...

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Debt Problems are very common. You are not alone. Over recent years the number of people entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) has increased significantly and approached 50,000 last year. An IVA is considered by many as a good way to restructure debts rather than a long debt management programme or even bankruptcy.

Free no obligation IVA advice and information

To find out whether an IVA is suitable for you, or to just find out if you actually qualify for an IVA, browse through the pages of our informational website or call our freephone on 0800 043 50 43.

The IVA Advice site is part of Guardian Insolvency Ltd who are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and are fully authorised to provide advice and undertake IVAs.

All queries, comments or requests for further IVA advice are welcome. Either contact us via our enquiry form or ring our freephone 0800 043 50 43 today.

Please be advised that all of our initial IVA advice and information is completely free and without obligation. However fees may apply if you decide to take advantage of one of our services.

Is an IVA right for me? Find out now with our IVA Calculator

To find out if an IVA could be right for your situation simply follow the 4 Steps in our IVA calculator which can help work out if an Individual Voluntary Arrangement is suitable for you or not.

If there is a difference between what you can actually afford to pay your creditors and what you are currently being asked to pay, give us a call on 0800 043 5043 to find out your options.

If there is a difference between what you can afford to pay your creditors and what you are currently being asked to pay, give us a call on 0800 043 5043.

Apply for an IVA

Applying for an IVA could not be simpler. If you have significant debt problems in excess of £6,000 and are struggling to pay your debts then you may be able to apply for an IVA.

IVA Advice

The IVA Advice site is part of a licensed insolvency practice. Under the IVA legislation only Licensed Insolvency Practitioner are authorised to put an IVA proposal before creditors for approval. We are completely up to date with all the latest developments in the IVA market, as well and are very well placed to offer you the guidance you need.

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Helpful Information

Over the last few years the number of people in significant debt has grown hugely and Citizens Advice have been forecasting that more than two million people have significant and enduring debt problems. As the number of people in debt has grown so has the demand for debt advice.

IVA Criteria

To enter into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) you need at least £6000 unsecured debt and be able to repay a minimum of £80 per month for 60 months. To find out more details please click here.


An IVA is often used by people to stop creditor pressure and legal threats. For the self employed an IVA can even stop bankruptcy action. Click here to find out more.

The IVA Process

Simple uncomplicated IVAs can be completed in a few weeks from first contact. You do not pay any upfront fees to apply for an IVA. To look at the IVA process in depth please review the information in our IVA GUIDE


An IVA can be used by many people to resolve major debt problems. Please check out some examples of how an IVA could help ordinary people like you.

Protected Trust Deed

This is a form of IVA which is for people resident in Scotland only. The law slightly differs from the rest of the UK. To find out more about Trust Deeds please click here.


We constantly get asked many questions on IVAs and your situation is unique – however here are a few of the most frequent questions.

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